15 April 2010

Medical Opinion < Empirical Wisdom

I have been lacking my muse. Someone once asked me what it was like to have writers' block. I replied with "It feels like drunk." Only, come to think of it, it doesn't feel like drunk. It feels like melancholic stagnation. Anterior motion will shake this illness and repetition will once again be mine save for my poetic short-comings --these are often compensated for by a trip to the ol' medicine cabinet, but I digress. I blame this idleness on a failed psychopharmacological experiment in which I acquiesced with a charming young nurse to take benzonatate as a cough suppressant for a respiratory infection rather than the tried and true, promethazine/codeine combination. I should have made a case that mu- and kappa- opioid receptor agonism will not only treat my cough and improve my current sleep dysfunction, but also keep me out of a depressed state, which this ill-bred and base benzonatate has successfully induced. Woe is me for I wish to do absolutely nothing but languish over the misfortune of neglecting my poor Nucleus Accumbens.

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