07 April 2010

100 Beers of Hebetude

It seems like 100 years since I've suffered the lethargy of an intellectual swoon. Now that it is certain that I will not be attending graduate school this year, I say it's high time to get back on the ol' horse, ascend from the bottomless pit of stupor, make war against the mindless and overcome them with my cerebral prowess, thus getting the academic party started right.


  1. Doooooooooooork!

    p.s. Grad school is overrated and fucking expensive. If you are going to do something expensive, go to Europe. Go see where all your philosophers you love to quote lived. And how they lived.

    p.p.s. If you really do have a sword then you should take a picture of it. Unless of course, you mean your proverbial sword...which would make me digress....DOOOOOOORK


  2. Sally, you are scandalous. Only philosophers quoted here are Ice Cube and Queen Latifa.



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