27 June 2010

The Fall of the Last Emperor of Russia

It's official: Life as I've known it has been turned upside down. For years, I've watched Fedor Emilianenko run through his opponents with such ease and precision that it has hither-to been impossible to ever envision him swallowed by the agony of defeat. Fedor Emilianenko's successive victories have always reminded me that all is right in the world and that with each and every conquest, harmony and balance permeate life brilliantly. Tapped out in the 68th second of the first round, I am in just as stunned as the last emperor of Russia, thoroughly shocked and tragically awed. I have very little to say about this bitter defeat other than things no longer seem to be following the same harmony that they once did. Chaos has restored its rightful place in the world, but despite all, everything is still perfect and just as it should be.

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