06 July 2010

Regarding the Mystery Behind our Protagonist's Strange Disappearance

After months of absence, word began to travel that our Beloved Knight of Diligence had once and for all fallen captive to the crafty spells of Dionysian enchantment with their endless torment and guile. Speculation arose that once the Knight of Diligence had mercilessly ransacked the Giant of Prometria, he made his way to the Mountains of Wreckroomia to receive penance for past indiscretions and attempt to make new indiscretions that are wont to take place following victory in a standardized joust and other success in other chivalrous endeavors.

Not much is known about the goings on that happened hither-to, however the story goes that during his journey home, our protagonist stumbled across another knight who happened to be nodding off under a tree. This Knight, known as the Knight of Infinite Resignation, was said to have lured him into his castle, without mercy or shame, vanquished our hero with the aid of pharmacological agents and a little rhetoric.

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