12 May 2010

Analysis of (Gray) V(ar)i(ea)nce

The frequency of these posts seems few and far between and often times, I offer the excuse, "I'm busy." I look back at however many days since my last entry and I think to myself, "what have I honestly been busy with?" It seems as if most of my days are spent dumbing myself down in order to get some satisfaction out of life as opposed to the academic undertakings I really desire to immerse myself in.

People often talk about balance; these faith-healers and dullards. I have yet to discover the pleasure in the hackneyed gray line between black and white, and most enjoyable moments reveal themselves only in the far-removed points lying on opposing ends of the social spectrum. It is safe to say that my apex teeters on the fine line that separates either extreme from the abyss and that only in moderation do I stagnate and achieve nothing.

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